Our high-pressure water hoses are made up of three layers. Smooth black SBR is used to make the tube. It can withstand air, water, and oil spray. High-tensile synthetic cord with wire helix serves as the reinforcement layer. The cover is made of the same material as the inner tube. That is to say, the cover is made of corrugated black SBR or EPDM and is abrasion, weather, and ozone resistant.

Specialized high-pressure hose is designed to not only meet all of the necessary requirements for practicality and convenience in water transportation, but also to endure the sometimes large pressures exerted on it by water. Our high-pressure water hoses are designed to provide you with the greatest water-transfer solutions in a high-pressure environment.

Water jetting hose is another name for high-pressure water hose. Because of the high pressure feature, it can assist in cleaning yards or outdoors with less effort. As a result, it is widely employed in a variety of industries, including construction and agriculture. It can also be employed in our daily lives for firefighting, as high-pressure hoses are required for transferring water to put out a fire. The working temperature varies from -30 to +85 degrees Celsius (-22 to +185 degrees Fahrenheit).


ΒΌ inch to 2 inch