Poly V-Ribbed belt

Introduction of poly V-Ribbed belt Belt

        Neoprene (CR) and EPDM rubber (EPDM) With characters of V belt and flat belts, V-Ribbed belt has soft and tough property as flat belt and tight and effective property as V belt. Transmission power so high that at the same condition its 30% higher than common V belts. With tight transmission system, at the same transmission power, its occupied space is 25% smaller than common V belt. Flat and soft belt is suitable not only for transmission of small pulley but also for high-speed transmission with speed of 40m/s, Besides its characteristics as slight vibration, few heat diverge and steady working. Anti-heat, anti-oil, anti-wearing out few elongation and long life   Type Pb h a° Details PH 1.6 3 40 Details PJ 2.34 4 40 Details PK 3.56 6 40 Details PL 4.7 10 40 Details PM 9.4 17 40 Details   V-Ribbed Belt use of raw materials
Chlorophyll rubber V-Ribbed Belt has certain cold and heat resistance, not only can be good resistance flexor flexible, anti-aging and the aging of ozone-resistant than ordinary unsaturated rubber good, but its a good oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical stability , by adding short fiber reinforcement can withstand higher lateral pressure, wedge pressure with increasing performance, reducing stress after deformation.  EPDM V-Ribbed Belt in anti-aging particularly anti-aging and ozone resistance climate, more sexual heat aging fine, but its electric insulation properties, corrosion-resistant chemical, elastic shock better (at low temperature flexibility to maintain good performance). The Company production of rubber V-Ribbed Belt family of products, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and production equipment, the main raw material products (such as matrix materials, rubber, etc.) from foreign countries leading professional production companies sentinel procurement imports.    V-Ribbed Belt features
V rubber V-Ribbed Belt both with the advantages of peace with the two, both of the band-soft, resilient characteristics, there v belt compact, efficient advantages.V-Ribbed Belt main features are as follows:
V-Ribbed Belt transmission power, with the same space than the regular V-belt drive Gong single high 30 percent. V-Ribbed Belt transmission compact structure, the transmission power in the same circumstances, the installation of transmission space than ordinary V-belt small 25%. V-Ribbed Belt band of thin, very soft, small diameter of the pulley to drive, but also to high-speed transmission, with speed up to 40 m / s; small vibration, less heat, the smooth functioning. V-Ribbed Belt heat resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, the use of small elongation, long life. V-Ribbed Belt Optional when Note:
V-Ribbed Belt by belt pulley diameter, suitable specifications wedge slot type and the number of wedge belt.
V-Ribbed Belt products when used Note:
V-Ribbed Belt belt in use piles of oil or water, should be promptly removed or wiped away;
V-Ribbed Belt packet angle too small to change the location of the back to increase the pulley kits angle;
V-Ribbed Belt belt tension is too small, should be appropriately increase the belt tension; V-Ribbed Belt in use in the noise:
V-Ribbed Belt as arising from slipping, the belt will be wiped away a timely manner;
V-Ribbed Belt wedge slot embedded foreign body should be set up for the belt running protective enclosures;
V-Ribbed Belt pulley is skewed, adjust pulley position;
V-Ribbed Belt in products used in a large vibration:
May belt tension is too small, should be appropriately increased tension; V-Ribbed Belt products use a wedge damage:
V-Ribbed Belt pulley and belt models do not match the specifications;
V-Ribbed Belt belt wedge solvents or other chemicals stained;
V-Ribbed Belt belt use ambient temperature is too high, should be improved cooling methods;
V-Ribbed Belt pulley process parameters do not meet standards or pulley rusty