Rubber conveyor belts

Rubber Conveyor Belts

rubber belts

We supply seamless rubber conveyor belts to DIN 22102, ISO 10247 and BS 490.

They all have excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. Our EP multi – ply fabric rubber conveyor belts include:

EP200/2, a 2 ply – 4.5mm thick for light conveyor work, side screening and belt curtains. roll size 50/100m and 1.5m wide.

EP300/3, a 3 ply thick belt, suitable for heavy conveyor work and belt scrapers size 50/100m and 1.2m wide rolls are in stock.

EP315/2, a 2 ply – 7mm thick

EP500/3, 3 ply – 10mm thick.

Other conveyor belts up to 6 ply and 2.4m wide are available to special order.

RUBBER “GRIP TOP”  is a hard wearing abrasion, oil and grease resistant rubber conveyor belt. The rough mesh pattern, vulcanized into the top cover, has excellent cushioning properties and absorbs impact and vibration. It has outstanding grip and is ideal for ramps. Available in backed and plain – rolls/sheets 1.2m and 1.5 wide.