Treadmill / Jogging machine belt

We offer affordable & long-lasting Jogging or Treadmill Beltsto residential & commercial users all over the Pakistan. We can also deliver you !

Treadmill Belts Material & Quality

We stock different Treadmill running Belt qualities & offers Automatic, Inclined, & Manual Treadmill Machine belt in different thickness and ply options i.e., 1 ply (1 mm) and 2 ply (2 mm). Every Treadmill belt size is customized for every different machine either it is automatic or manual. We also provide Treadmill Motor Timing Belts.

Treadmill Belt in Pakistan

Our walking belts ensure foot grips while jog with zero drive belt slipping and no slippage on shafts. We believe that once a client is partner for ever.

We are here to solve a big problem Gyms and Individual face with their Treadmill Machines. Usually Belt get damage due to continuous heavy weighted foot steps. Looking to replace your belt? Our Guide on Treadmill Belt replacement procedure will help you.

Confused with belt material or quality? Don’t worry. Just try UFB Traders for your next order. We are serving many customers in Pakistan & outside Pakistan.

The Good News is, Treadmill Belt repairs are also available which is subjected to your belt present condition*. We shall be pleased to serve you, we believe our customers are our assets. That’s why we Joint walking belt with high quality jointing system and both Overlap and Finger Jointing to give you longer belt life.

Our Belts are imported from American, European & Chinese territories. We do not compromise with our quality standards. All you have to do is, simply confirm your belt width in MM/CM or inches as well as your treadmill deck belt length in MM/CM or inches. We’ll quote you best price and deliver you after order confirmation. You can buy 1 or 2 ply but we prefer 2 ply for more durability.

Why you should buy Treadmill belts from us…

  • Saves electricity as softer in material
  • Easy Installation & Light weight
  • Different Thickness options 1 – 5 mm
  • Perfection in Jointing
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Quality
  • American,  European & Chinese Belts are available on demand
  • Nation-wide delivery & customers
  • Satisfied Clients
  • Machine Friendly
  • Very Nice to Machine motors & bearing
  • Color Variations (Black / Green / White or any other available )
  • Offering Nationwide delivery
  • After Sales Services

Some of the most used Treadmill Belt sizes


Note: If you are confused and unable to measure size, you can send your belt to workshop for exact measurements or you can follow the instructions on ” Treadmill Belt Measurement

Update: We are offering Belt installation services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and surrounding areas with Collaboration of Technical staff to repair your machine mechanically as well as electrically.

  • Some Belts can be repaired and some can not be. We need to manually check it before confirmation.

Treadmill Belt Measurement

Treadmill Belt measurement Method No. 1

Step 1:Make a mark at your belt (Full width mark – use visible color or mark with white tape)

Step 2:Get a measuring tape or long scale (do not use 6 inch or 1 feet scale)

Step 3:Start measuring belt from Full width mark

Step 4:Once you measure the front size of belt, make a small mark at this point and note the length

Step 5:Measure from small mark to next small mark. Note this length also

Step 6:Measure from 2nd small mark to 1st full width mark.

Step 7:Measure belt width.

مرحلہ نمبر 1: آپ کے بیلٹ پر ایک نشان بنائیں (مکمل چوڑائی کا نشان – ظاہر رنگ کا استعمال کریں یا سفید ٹیپ کے ساتھ نشان زد کریں)

مرحلہ 2: ماپنےکےلیے فیتہ ٹیپ سے لمبائی حاصل کریں (6 انچ یا 1 فٹ والے پیمانے استعمال نہ کریں)

مرحلہ 3: مکمل چوڑائی کے نشان سے بیلٹ کی پیمائش شروع کریں

مرحلہ 4: ایک بار جب آپ بیلٹ کے سامنے سے سائز کی پیمائش کرتے ہیں، اس وقت وہاں پر ایک چھوٹا سا نشان لگاہیں اور لمبائی کو نوٹ کریں۔

مرحلہ 5: چھوٹے نشان سے اگلے چھوٹے نشان پر پیمائش کریں. یہ لمبائی بھی یاد رکھیں

مرحلہ 6: دوسری چھوٹی نشان سے پہلی مکمل چوڑائی تک کے نشان تک پیمایؑش کریں.

پیمایؑش مکمل ہو جا ےؑ گئ

مرحلہ 7: بیلٹ چوڑائی کا تعین(پیمایؑش) کریں.

اہم نوٹ:

صحیح پیمانے پر بائیں یا دائیں طرف نہ لے کر جایؑں نہی تو تمام پیمائش غلط ہو جاےؑ گی، یا سیدھا نا ناپنے کی وجہ سے سایؑز میں فرق آ سکتا ہے