Head Protection

Head protection is designed to protect you if there is a risk that you could be struck by falling objects and/or strike your head against a fixed object

In these times of rapid technological development, we often forget life’s most important things. Our brain is a fragile organ that is the center of control of our body. It helps control all of our actions.
Every year, many construction workers suffer severe head injuries as a result of not wearing safety helmets or utilizing low-quality headgear. As a result, we must utilize such head protection safety devices that are of excellent quality and assure that they will not cause any injuries.
Impacts of Head Injury:
Even after a minor crash to the head, it can cause pain and long-lasting symptoms. The more severe the impact, the more long-term effects. There are many survivors of brain injury that faced many personality problems as they grow. Along with this, impacts of head injury cause many effects including:

• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Memory Problems

We have many types of Safety Helmets